Who is Alanna?

My name is Alanna and I am 23. My life has been full of trauma and instability, which fostered an unpleasant cocktail of mental health illnesses. My main diagnosis is ADHD, which has its own coexisting conditions of anxiety and depression – the golden duo essential for all confused youths. After years of treatment, medication and emotional highs and lows, I have finally reached a time in my life that I can say I’m almost alright!

By day I’m a blogger, a psychology student, a medical receptionist, a social media marketer, a fiance, friend, daughter, mother to some furry babies, I’m a dreamer, an experience collector, a lover of the outdoors and an amateur environmental preserver. But what fuels my fire the most? Destroying the stigma associated with mental health. It’s time to break down the bullshit and get real about our feelings!

The purpose of Almost Alright is to open a line of communication and education. My hope is that by sharing my own life experiences as well as my learnt knowledge in the field of psychology, I will be able to help readers break down their own misconceptions, learn to be at peace with their minds and most importantly understand that what they’re going through is normal! It is completely okay to not be okay, what’s not okay is to ignore it. The time has come for us to accept that mental wellness is an essential aspect of health as a whole, and thus treating your mind with the respect it deserves is a non negotiable daily duty.

– Alanna x