How to Cope in 2018

We all nearly made it through 2017 alive with only minimal emotional trauma, but how can we make the most of 2018? I’ve compiled a short list of how I will be coping, and being a little more okay over the next twelve months.

Learn to say no.

You don’t have to do everything for everyone. Remember that if you’re tired, if you’re uncomfortable or if you just don’t want to, you don’t have to.

Learn to say yes.

Say yes to new experiences. Say yes to opportunities. Say yes to loving yourself and letting the good in. Don’t default to no every time.

Create a mantra.

Something short and simple for when you urgently need a boost. Mine is ‘I am enough’. Surround yourself with your message and you will never forget it.

Treat yourself like a new friend.

Allow yourself to talk. Get to know the things you love and what makes you tick. Do things with, and do things for yourself. Nourish and look after this new friendship.

Find a podcast.

Whether it’s educational, funny or captivating, find something you love listening to and let it engulf you. Listen to it in the shower, driving to work or before you go to bed.

Create a private, sacred place.

This could be your garden, bedroom or study. Make it comfortable and relaxing, and devote it to only doing things that serve you. Keep it tidy and it will keep your mind tidy. Decorate it to suit you and load up on plants and natural light! You will be thankful to have a place to escape daily stresses.

Regularly get back to basics.

Realign with your core values and goals. Remind yourself of the path you’re on and why you’re there. Make sure you’re not exerting energy into something that doesn’t benefit or reflect you.

Cut out toxic friendships.

Respect yourself to know when enough is enough. You deserve that.

Plan mental health days.

It doesn’t need to be much, once a month is plenty. Schedule a day off and treat yourself to some self care luxuries. Recharge, because your employer and colleagues need you to be on top of your game.

Take a social media break.

We can only compare ourselves to the business tycoons and poolside models for so long before we lose our mind. In the moment it’s hard to remember that they choose the life we see – they never post pictures of the half wheel of Camembert they ate at 2am. Go easy on yourself and your lifestyle. Cut out the social media influence and give yourself time to remember you’re doing okay!


These are just a few of my tactics to take on the new year successfully. There are a million more ideas out there, and I recommend you try at least half a million of them. If you have something you are going to try in 2018 to look after yourself a little better, comment below! I’d love to read it, and you never know who may gain something from your honesty. Finally, don’t forget to subscribe!

Alanna x

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  1. Brilliant. I’m thinking to get into good habits, sit down for half an hour and commit to these things by putting them all on a calendar or diary. We tend to forget to be kind to ourselves and sadly need reminding. I should take my own advice 😅

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