Too Many No’s!

In life we will always experience “no’s”. People will tell us we can’t do things, we shouldn’t do them, we aren’t capable of doing them. What do you do when all you get is “no”?

I want to be a psychologist. Since I was only young, I’ve been told I could never do this. How can I help someone else when I can’t even help myself? I have too much history to be taken seriously by anyone. All I will do is self diagnose and get deeper into my own crap. Lesson 1) that shit hurts. If you love someone, support them.


Anyway, I’ve finally given in to following that dream and it feels amazing. I’m on the course to living my passion and if finally feels right. I enrolled to study psychological science and was set to start next year.


Last week someone offered me an amazing career opportunity. It wouldn’t come to fruition for another four years, but there was a lot I was going to need to do in that time to make it happen.


I contacted my university and told them my plans, and I got the ground shattering, time stopping, breath taking NO. It felt like a gong being smashed in my ears. The degree I was enrolled in wasn’t accredited. I could never get into psychology. I couldn’t be an intern. I couldn’t become registered. The only options they gave me were completely unattainable.


At this stage, I had pushed through so many of my own no’s. I had shaken off my friends and families no’s. I had ignored societies no’s. How the hell was I going to recover from an actual no?! A roadblock in its true essence; unmovable between me and my goal. I contacted the accreditation board, the faculty supervisor, hoping someone would be able to help me. I was so desperate!


I messaged my people – the ones that you know will hold you up when the world seems to be crashing down. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t going to be a psychologist. I couldn’t believe it was over before it started. They all replied telling me that it was going to work out, because this is what I am meant to be doing. This is what I was born to do.


At 8pm on a Friday night I applied for another university. My first preference was a combined (and accredited) bachelor and honours program. I poured my heart and soul into my application, and remained hopeful because like they said, everything would work out because I am meant to do this!


Every day I was refreshing the application page a hundred times. As confident as I was that things were going to fall into place for me, my anxiety was eating me alive. What if this falls apart around me? What if everyone else was right – I could never be a psychologist and this was the world trying to tell me that. After just one week I received my offer email – into my first preference!


If you want something bad enough – fight for it. If you’re not putting yourself or anyone else in danger, just do it. When something is calling your name never ever ignore it. Never take no for an answer; get a yes from someone else! There will always be another way around. Let your people support you. Listen to the people saying yes and let them flood your life. Follow what lights a fire in your soul. Never give up on the things you stay up until midnight working on, because those are the things you are passionate about. Once you find your ‘why’ never ever give up on it.

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